Nihon no NAMI 2018


Polish Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI in cooparation with IMPART Festival Agency are pleased to invite for:
Japanese Culture Festival in Wroclaw NIHON NO NAMI 2018 (日本の波 lit. Japanese Wave).
This year we have combined many events in one time (June 9-10th 2018) and one place (Theatre of the Song IMPART, 17th Mazowiecka str. ).

In THE NIHON NO NAMI 2018 program:
– Master Bunzo Tachibanaya III and Wasabi Yanagiya will take us to the world of rakugo,
– Aco Tomine will entertain us with traditional hits of Japanese matsuri and will sing some of her own songs,
– Hibiki Ichikawa (shamisen) i Akari Mochizuki (vocal and small percussion instruments) will zoom us into traditional Japanese music,
– Sayuri Goto-Fuksiewicz will comment her calligraphy works and will carry shodō workshop.

Bonsai exhibition by the masters from Polish Bonsai Association and Japanese calligraphy (shodō) exhibition will be arranged in the Gallery.
Japanese martial arts will be demonstrated at the big stage.

The wider culinary program is also planned.
More information soon.

Waiting for this year's NIHON NO NAMI, please visit the photogalleries of June 2017:

> Nihon no Nami opening

> Jiutamai: Japanese dance and music

> Master Kosen: Rakugo

> Yumi Sato: Japanese songs

> Martial arts

> Gallery

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Fundacja Przyjaźni Polsko-Japońskiej NAMI
Fundacja Przyjaźni Polsko-Japońskiej NAMI (Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI)
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Biuro Festiwalowe Impart 2016 (Festival Agency Impart 2016)
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In the matter of organization:
– Grażyna Pogorzelska:, mob. (+48) 784 694 592
– Julian Górski:, mob. (+48) 663 571 823

– Maciej Pogorzelski:, mob. (+48) 502 796 050

– Zdzisław Koczarski:

Impart Festival Agency
– Katarzyna Młyńczak-Sachs

– Zabutontei
– Rakugo without borders
Ryushinkai (kendo)
Renshinkan (iaido)
Polskie Stowarzyszenie Kyudo
Aikikai Wrocław
Birankai Polska

Nihon no NAMI